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Dec 28 2012 19:42 8 notes

  • My mom:*sleeps until 6 pm*
  • Me:*sleeps until 3 pm , lays in bed for a while, then goes into the living room around 5 pm*
  • My mom:*asleep on the couch*
  • Me:*watches TV minding my own business*
  • My mom:*wakes up at 6 pm and looks at me* what time did you come downstairs?
  • Me:at like 5
  • My mom:you're such a lazy bum you better just move out I'd rather live on state you're just being lazy you're the one that goes to sleep at 4 in the morning all the time cause you have nothing better to do with your life
  • Me:
  • My mom:*walks into the kitchen and takes some pills* why did I sleep this long?
  • Me:
  • My mom:*talks on the phone*
  • Me:
  • My mom:*goes outside to smoke*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:*cries silently*
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